DelFFi Command and Data Handling

OnBoard Computer

The DelFFi on-board computer consists of a Texas Instruments MSP family microcontroller running on 8MHz as master clock. It has 3 high capacity SD Cards to store data and allow majority vote redundancy to minimize bit flips, a 44-bit elapsed time counter with a very high capacity battery of tantalum capacitors and a real time clock.

The OBC allows a direct interface to the FIPEX payload, it has a Serial Debug port, a I2C monitoring port and a JTAG port for programming and debugging.

It includes a low power Bluetooth module to allow intra-satellite communication. It also makes available several current and voltage probes, several debug LED's and a debug UART. This facilitates the development and integration, while simultaneously allowing an integrated test and measurement system that will be developed along with the OBC.

The OBC interfaces the rest of the satellite through a Cubesat PC104 standard connector.

The OBC has a low profile and it also supports a generic daughter board that can accommodate different functionalities. Some of the PC104 pins are mirrored on the daughter board allowing a more versatile system and a more efficient way of using the available volume. For the QB50 project, this daughter board will accommodate the solar panel deployment drivers.

Currently the OBC first prototype is undergoing test and debug operations.