Delfi-n3Xt Micropropulsion Payload

TNO, in cooperation with the TU Delft, SystematIC BV and the University of Twente, developed a micropropulsion system based on cold gas generators called the T3µPS. The system is developed with relative orbit control of multiple spacecraft in mind, such as the DelFFi mission. Cold Gas Generators (CGGs) store nitrogen in a solidified form. When electro-thermal energy is added, the nitrogen releases in gaseous state and enters in a plenum which will buffer the pressurized gas. A valve and nozzle are used to release the gas into space to provide controlled thrust. The nozzle is produced with a novel femto-laser technique by the University of Twente. At TU Delft, a special test bench is created which can measure milliNewton thrust levels while filtering out the microvibrations of the building.